all members of the pro-tech(t) team have a strong urge to help make a difference.

in 2018, it was decided that with the overall success of the business, we would donate 10% of our NET sales to a different cancer organization each month.

The following organizations were chosen for the 2020 / 2021 fiscal year:


The Olivia Hope Foundation is a charitable organization striving to help the many people worldwide suffering from leukemia.  This foundation is especially near and dear to our hearts here at Pro-Tech(t) as the young lady who the foundation is named after was from Oyster Bay, NY.  This is also where the Pro-Tech(t) offices are based and several of our employees were directly impacted by her passing.


No Stomach For Cancer (NSFC) is a worldwide leader in raising awareness, advancing stomach cancer education and supporting individuals and families affected by all forms of stomach cancer. This organization has helped over 1 million people all over the world. Stomach cancer is difficult to detect and is typically diagnosed in late stages and Pro-Tech(t) team believes that early detection of stomach cancer is the key to survival.

The Skin Cancer Foundation is determined to spread awareness about the dangers of skin cancer as well as provide those effected with the necessary tools and strategies to improve their health. Pro-Tech(t) feels this form of cancer is strongly overlooked. 

Childhood Canver org.gif

The American Childhood Cancer Organization helps children suffering from a variety of cancer as well as their families and loved ones.  They do this by providing their patients with state of the art medicine and devices in order to attempt to cure these children. They also give money to the families of the children in an effort to aid with the costs of having a son or daughter with cancer.


The National Brain Tumor Society advocates for people suffering from this deadly form of cancer.  As well as investing in potential cures, resources, and machinery to improve and potentially cure brain cancer. Their mission is to help those effected in anyway they can.  Whether that means mental support, financial aid, or medications they to all they can to assist those dealing with the struggles of brain cancer.

american liver.gif

American Liver Foundation is the nation’s leading nonprofit health organization for people living with liver cancer. Pro-Tech(t) chose this organization because they helped more than 180.000 people in 2018 in their fight with liver cancer. Due to this we will donate 10% of all earnings during the month of July to this foundation.


October :
The Pink Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and healing of those who suffer from varieties of breast cancers.  Pro-Tech(t) chose this organization due to their morals of assisting, caring for, and putting a smile on the faces of these incredibly brave women.


Every 3 minutes another man is diagnosed with prostate cancer. Prostate Cancer Foundation was founded to give men and their families hope. They set out to harness more resources—both financial and human—to accelerate the development of new breakthroughs and find a cure as quickly as possible.


The Lungevity Organization is dedicated to funding research in order to provide scientists and patients alike with more knowledge about this destructive form of cancer.  As of now, 19% of people diagnosed with lung cancer are given a 5 year survival expectancy. The work that Lungevity employees do strives to dramatically decrease that number.

The Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is a non profit organization that is purely dedicated to providing financial assistance and medical resources in order to aid those suffering from testicular cancer as well as family and friends affected.  The Pro-Tech(t) team feels this form of cancer needs to be recognized just as much as more prominent cancers.


The Clearity Foundation is a non-profit organization offering support to women with recurrent and refractory ovarian cancer. Every year, more than 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and Pro-Tech(t) team believes that all women deserve the best possible therapies for their unique disease.


The Lustgarten Foundation focuses solely on the research of pancreatic cancer.  Scientists and researchers at this lab work tirelessly in order to create medication and treatments that would benefit those suffering from pancreatic cancer. The main goal of this organization is to decrease the percentage of death due to pancreatic cancer, providing those diagnosed with hope and a reason to fight the disease.