Creating a safe world of technology and “Pro-Tech(t)ing” the daily cellular device user one case at a time!


When we, the founders, were creating products to sell, we wanted to incorporate health and safety features to create the ideal brand. We originally created a phone case to block the user from the potential cancerous intake. Over the past two years, our team has researched the most effective ways to limit cellular radiation. We later found that an electromagnetic shielding fabric was cost-effective with high durability. This fabric is proven to reduce radiation pollution from cell towers and cell phones. This fabric is molded into each product to block 99.9% of the radiation emitted. We then further developed our company with an extensive product line, increasing our sales by 60% in our second fiscal year. We continue to expand our products and update our materials to the highest quality. In addition, Pro-Tech(t) is excited to announce that we have made separate divisions for our Domestic and International sales! This will help us focus on making our products more diversified and target sales towards different areas of the world! Furthermore, here at Pro-Tech(t), we include our give-back program which donates 10% of our net sales each month to cancer-related organizations. Thank you for visiting our website and remember, Pro-Tech(t)’s top priority is ensuring our user’s safety! Get ready to feel safe and be Pro-Tech(t)ed!.